Machine House Brewery

Fine English-style Ales
Brewed in the Heart of Georgetown

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Machine House Brewery Building

At Machine House Brewery, we produce traditional English style Ales in small batches at our historic location in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.

Our goal is to deliver the authentic session beer experience to Seattle, meaning particularly drinkable ales with moderate levels of alcohol and bitterness.

Our on-site tasting room is open to the public, serving cask ale from traditional hand pumps now from Wednesday to Sunday.



We value beers with balanced and nuanced flavours, served with care so that these qualities are preserved for our customers to enjoy.
This unique character has an extra dimension in that all of our beer is naturally conditioned by live fermentation in cask and keg, both of which are available to the wholesale market.

Best Bitter – 4.2% ABV

A classic, Best Bitter; copper-coloured, medium bodied with complex malt flavor. Slightly on the hoppy side with English hops at the forefront and backed up with a little Cascade finesse.

Gold – 4.5% ABV

A pale-straw coloured ale, again with English hops in the ascendancy. Reasonably assertive bitterness balances a slightly sweet malty finish.

Dark Mild – 3.7% ABV

A traditional English Dark Mild, one of the great underappreciated beers. Mild in ABV, mild in hop bitterness and aroma, yet our most full flavoured and drinkable ale. Light bodied and very smooth, yet dark in colour with a rich, chocolate flavor.

Current Seasonal:

Nettle - 5.4% ABV   &   Oatmeal Stout - 6% ABV

Oatmeal Stout Review by Two Brew Review

True session beer ranges between 3.6% and 4.8% alcohol by volume while providing the aromatic and rich flavors Northwest beer drinkers have come to expect and appreciate. However, because of the lower alcohol content you can continue to enjoy the conversation late into the evening and not sacrifice the following morning. The desire to bring session beer and that classic pub experience to Seattle is what has driven Machine House to get off the ground.

Be sure to check in with us regularly for additional seasonal offerings!