Ken’s Mildly Bitter

Brewed in celebration of Slow Boat's March Mildness victory, this beer was made with the second runnings of wort from a Barleywine (to be released at a later date). Like the Barleywine, this English Bitter is based on a mash of Maris Otter malt, with a significant addition of house-made Invert Sugar No. 3. Invert Sugar was a staple of British brewing recipes for decades, used to add colour, flavour and fermentable sugars when using a very pale malt bill. Hopped with British WGV and Bramling Cross hops and open-fermented with a traditional British yeast to augment the classic English ale character. We think this beer emerged with a wonderfully balanced body and flavour, incredibly drinkable and with the timeless character of a classic Bitter to be enjoyed pint after pint on a cozy night in a village pub.

ABV:  4.3%


OG:  1041

FG:  1006

IBU:  20


Maris Otter, DRC, Invert Sugar #3

WGV, Bramling Cross