Bizarre Bazaar w/ PSA, The Hardly Boys, Terminator, plus more!

  August 12th, 2018

Facebook Event

Yay! So excited to announce another installment of the SUNDAY BIZARRE BAZAAR !!! This time at the lovely Machine House Brewery in Georgetown, wooo! The event is still all ages so please bring yr bbs, but now 21+ can chill with a bev too! Please come support yr fav small business hustler and help raise money for The Northwest Detention Center Resistance!! Yall are amazing! Peep this lineup:


The Hardly Boys
The Wednesdays
Velvet Q

Dj Pepperazzi
Lex FX

Need Things Seattle – vintage
Taiga D – vinyl and stuff
Zayra – vintage, plus more
Kieffer Vintage
Mindless Contentment – buttons, jewelry
Ecru Vintage
Comadre Panaderia – food !!!
Carmen W – jewelry
Innerpunk aka Jules – poke tattoos
nowyrshattered – poke tattoos
Rea Plants and Vintage
CENSUS – zines, art
Abby C – size inclusive vintage
Erin H – Custom Air Brush clothing
nomihelene – jewelry
Flowwolf – pins, clothing
Northwest Detention Center Resistance – info

Wow, what a crew! Don’t forget we will be collecting $5-10 door donations toward The Northwest Detention Center Resistance. This is so important, so please show up and spread the word! love yall!