Stinging Nettle Release Party

  April 26, 2019

Machine House Brewery’s perennial favorite, Stinging Nettle Ale, is going to be released Friday April 26, 2018 in their original taproom in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. This unique, hyper-seasonal ale is something many Northwest beer lovers consider the springtime answer to autumn’s “fresh hop” craze.

For centuries, nettles and other fresh botanical ingredients were used as bittering agents in English ales prior to the introduction of European hops and strict beer laws. Nettles grow wild both in England and the Pacific Northwest, so this ale provides a unique link between Machine House and its cask ale heritage.

Brewmaster Bill Arnott recalls Nettle Ale as the first beer he ever brewed, using an ingredient familiar from his childhood in Norfolk, East Anglia.  “Nettles are such unique plants, and I’ve always been interested in their nutritional and culinary properties,” he says. “I think having those memories, of being constantly stung on the ankles while playing football as a kid in England, makes the process of hand-picking them to create this beer even more special.  We use a huge amount of nettles in every batch, and the flavour is really like nothing else I’ve found.” Machine House’s version features stinging nettles from Vashon Island, picked only when young to avoid the astringency of mature plants.

The first batch of Stinging Nettle Ale was brewed April 5nd and is currently being cask conditioned for release at optimal freshness on April 26st. As always, the beer will be served  through traditional British beer engines, which activate the beer’s lively, natural carbonation.


Stinging Nettle Ale 5.4%

Amber Ale brewed with fresh Stinging Nettles hand-picked by our brewers on Vashon Island.  Malty, spicy and uniquely herbal.

OG:1047 FG: 1006 IBU:24 SRM: 25

Mash: 2-row, Crystal, Dark Crystal, Munich

Hops: Nugget, First Gold, Progress