We have a new mild… SCOTTISH MILD


We have a new Mild for you. Scottish Mild is brewed with Golden Promise, Brown Malt, Extra Dark Belgian Candi Sugar and Goldings hops. 3.3% abv.

Earlier this year,

several members of North Seattle Homebrewers competed to brew the best Mild, as judged by the three of us at Machine House. We tasted 9 different Milds (which was a unique pleasure that I don’t think any of us have had before!), and the one that stood out was a “Scottish Mild” brewed by David Christman. David came by a few weeks ago to help brew his winning recipe in our brewhouse.

Some notes from David on his recipe:

“There were a few things from traditional Scottish brewing (and general brewing in the British Isles) that I took as inspiration. There was generally a significant amount of flaked grain in brewing for a long time, with the English preferring Flaked Maize (usually imported from America) and the Scots preferring either Flaked Barley or Flaked Oats (they used Oats more frequently, because it was MUCH cheaper and usually sold as animal feed). In addition British brewing had a lot of focus on dark invert sugar syrups for their sweet/caramelly flavors- Crystal malts weren’t widely adopted in the UK until after the 1950s.”

Available in bottle, 5L cask box, and fresh pints off the hand-pumps in our taproom.
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Posted on April 17, 2021