Some tough news to share

Some tough news to share

Next spring we will be moving out of our Georgetown space. Our lease is up in June and the new owners of the building have made it unaffordable for us to renew and keep brewing here.

It is a bitter blow after 10 years in our space and managing our way through the ups and downs of the past few years. We are actively looking for options to relocate and keep Machine House running. I’m hopeful that we will find a solution and end up with a great new location to keep making and serving cask ale in Seattle.

At the very least, we will be enjoying the last few months operating here in this historic building, with plenty of 10th Anniversary / Bye-Bye Georgetown celebrations in the New Year.

Whatever comes next, we’ve just about made it 10 years running a business based around cask Bitter and Mild so that’s not too bad. We appreciate the support over the years and a little patience as we handle these hurdles coming up in 2023.

-Bill & MHB